Omatas Talent Show June 2015

Creating enquiring minds,

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“I really love and appreciate your school and your methods so much. Omatas is one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.

That said, hats off to you and your teachers for the excellent work you are doing as well. We would be at a loss without you.

Thank you Lauren. ”


“ Our son has grown so much in the time he has been at Omatas.

Thank you for restoring his self confidence,developing independent thinking and teaching him learning strategies.

His increased ability to successfully interact with others and be able to work as a team, as well as independently has been so rewarding to witness.

Physically he has also benefited so much from your program. He now has more strength and endurance now and is able to support his core which has had a positive impact on his academic success.

He loves going to school and participating in the varied programs. He especially enjoys the practical applications of learning that your school offers.

We love your approach of educating the whole child, not only academically but by teaching them life skills and general knowledge as well. These are invaluable tools which they will be able to use and apply throughout their life as successful adults.”