Omatas Talent Show June 2015

Creating enquiring minds,

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Our approach

Imagine your child enjoying maths and exploring problems in a creative and enquiring way.

Where maths is linked to science and literacy is explored through history and artistic expression.

Imagine a classroom that uses the outdoors as much as the indoors and embraces all of the childrens senses to learn, remember and grow.

A school where the curriculum is rich with information, where it is real and relevant, where themes inspire independent and critical thinking.

Omatas is a small assisted learning primary school based in Berario. We approach education in a holistic and multidimensional  way by blending unique active-learning models with traditional benchmarks. Our goal is to build confident independent learners.

We offer a comfortable, personalised environment which enables us to focus on each child as an individual, which bridges gaps and rebuilds skills that may have been lost.

It is an active environment with opportunities to embody knowledge and strengthen skills.

We believe in educating and developing the whole child, where learning becomes fun again and each child’s natural curiosity is harnessed. Omatas provides a  learning environment that sees potential and possibility in each child.

Through our 3 focal areas ( building self-esteem, academic success and physical development),  we restore confidence and repair fragmented learning.

Omatas is not a remedial school but rather a school that mediates learning to develop independent learners.

We cater for children coming from mainstream schools who do not fit the traditional education system and who need a different approach to learning.

Every child can achieve, we just need to find the right mix of inputs to enable the child to deliver the outputs that build their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses and place them in the world as independent, active participants.

We believe in:

A small, warm, community-driven environment focused on changing the lives of children, families and communities. We believe in the wonder of each child, providing the structures and space that kids need in order to learn and grow. We see each child not only for who they are but also for the potential they have, formulating, every day, the journey that will lead them to success.

We are a place where children can breathe out, where they find themselves absorbed in learning without intending to, where they play and learn because that is what children do, where they expand the potential they have every day.

We strive to develop children who love challenges, who stand up to be counted, who find wonder and beauty in life both at school and outside of it.

We bring the world inside the classroom in one instant and in another, we go out to meet it. Our children are interesting and insightful, they are empathetic and social, they are present and accounted for. Our children are connected to the world that they live in, from local to global.

We know the value of skills for the 21st century, we use the latest research to inform and inspire us as we teach and build the kids of tomorrow.