Omatas Talent Show June 2015

Creating enquiring minds,

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Anat Baniel, The Nine Essentials

Building Self Esteem

Our primary concern is to maintain and build confidence and feelings of worth and self-belief. Without this it is very hard for the child to be an active participant in their world.

When a child has a learning difficulty they lose their sense of personal power, by involving them and helping them to see the context within which they are learning, the child starts to feel more connected and develops a sense of purpose.

Being purposeful keeps us moving forward and children need to feel as if they are moving because they so often feel stuck or left behind. We like to develop curious children so that they move towards the learning.


The power of ..... Yet !

Benefits of a Growth Mindset

Anat Baniel & Parents Respond:

Are You Trying to Make Your Child "Normal"?