Omatas Talent Show June 2015

Creating enquiring minds,

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Our 3 main areas of importance:

Building self esteem

Finding academic success and

Developing motor and perceptual skills

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We believe in :

Understanding learning styles

Our approach bridges gaps, remediates, supports and extends children towards their potential. It is a school where children can learn in the way that makes sense for them and discover and develop their own talents and abilities.

Omatas Primary School brings education to life through hands-on learning. Using movement and interesting themes, children learn by actively engaging in experiences that build their education.

How we do this :

Parents and teachers have a tremendous influence on children. Understanding how a child learns can improve how we teach them.  


At Omatas we’re focused on creating engaged, inquisitive and independent thinkers.


Academic Success

Our primary concern is to maintain and build confidence and feelings of worth and self-belief.



Building Self Esteem

About learning Academic Success Building Self Esteem

How our bodies work is vital to how our minds work.

Our health as well as our ability to move our bodies affects our cognitive abilities.


Physical Development

Physical Development

for children who need a little more

Re-imagining education

Omatas Primary School is a small assisted learning primary school based in Berario / Northcliff, Johannesburg for Gr 1 - 7.  Our goal is to build confident independent learners.

We offer a comfortable, personalised environment which enables us to focus on each child as an individual, bridging gaps and rebuilding skills that may have been lost.

Omatas is a school that mediates learning to develop and strengthen independent thinking.

We cater for children coming from mainstream schools who do not fit the traditional education system and who need a different approach to learning.